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Inclimate Weather Info

Press release date: Tue Dec 18th, 2012

Newberg Oregon School District

If the weather turns snow filled or icy, make sure you tune into any one of the following outlets for up to the minute school closure information. A reminder that a 2 hour late opening would be 9:40 M,T,Th,F and 10:40 on a Wednesday. We will keep the current A/B day rotation regardless of a day of no classes due to weather.

* Area radio and TV Stations
* E-mail
Subscribe on the district website or call 503-554-5014 to receive e-mail notification of changes in school schedules at home or work
* Text Message and Twitter
Sign-up to receive Newberg School District closure, delay or emergency alerts via text
* Follow us on Twitter@NewbergSchools
* Website:
* One Call Now
An automated telephone notification system will contact home, cell and work telephone numbers in the event of an emergency or school closure (please make sure your student’s school has your correct contact information)
* Telephone Hotlines
School Closure Information Line: 503-554-5001
First Student Snow Line (bus routes) 503-538-5897
* Complete information online at and on page 1 of your school district calendar.