Mr. Franco's Friday Folder, May 27th, 2011

Mr. Franco

Happy Friday to All of You!

8th Grade Activities

As the end of the school year approaches we will have a number of 8th grade activities coming up.
-8th Grade Culminating Activity (June 2nd, 5-7 PM)
-8th Grade Field Trip to Camp Yamhill (All Day on June 14)
-8th Grade Celebration Ceremony (8:30-9:30 AM on June 15th)
-8th Grade Celebration Dance (7-9 PM on June 15th)

* To be eligible for Camp Yamhill, and the Celebration Dance 8th grade students MUST meet the eligibility criteria of no missing

work, less than 4 tardies, and no behavior referrals for the 4th quarter. 8th graders wanting to attend these activities must also satisfactorily complete their 8th grade project.

8th Grade Culminating Activity

8th grade students are currently working on their 8th grade project which they will present to parents on June 2nd. Each 8th grader will be responsible for a visual display, a speech, and a written reflection on a project that they have completed over the course of this year. Our 8th graders will see something very similar to this when completing their Senior Project for High School Graduation. Please join us on this night! This is our first try with something like this and we are very excited to see how it turns out!

: 8th graders must satisfactorily complete the project to be eligible for Camp Yamhill and the 8th grade celebration dance.

Dress Code

With the change to warmer weather (Finally!), please remind your students of our dress code. Below are some basic guidelines:

-Students may not wear skirts or dresses more than four inches above the floor when the student is kneeling. Shorts must have an inseam of at least four inches. If a student is wearing shorts under a skirt, the length of the skirt will be the standard used to determine compliance.

-Tops and dress straps may not be less than 2 inches.

5th Grade Tours

We had some visitors yesterday. 5th graders from Ewing Young, Mable Rush, Antonia Crater, Edwards, Joan Austin, and Dundee visited our school. Our student ambassadors did a great job being leaders in showing the 5th graders the in's and out's of the school. We are all looking forward to this new group of kids as we have heard many positives of what they are going to bring to CV.

Presidential Awards

At the end of each year Presidential Awards and Principal Awards will be given out to deserving students. Attached is the link to the criteria:

Volunteer Opportunities!!
-Yearbook Help/ June 8-9 and the 13th. We need help sorting, adding names and passing out yearbooks.
-8th Grade Field Trip to Camp Yamhill June 14th. We are requesting the help of 20-30 parents.

Have a great three day weekend!