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Chehalem Online Learning Alliance

Newberg Oregon School District

To our Prospective COLA Families,

Chehalem Online Learning Alliance is a tuition-free virtual program for Grade K-8 families in the Newberg School District, Yamhill, Washington and Marion Counties.

The hybrid online learning program blends online instruction with regular contact with a highly qualified teacher. Parents maintain a leadership role in their child’s education planning.

Program features

  • Individualized learning plan created in cooperation with the parent and teacher
  • Online curriculum selected by parents from a menu of approved curriculum providers including Calvert, Verticy, Pearson and Odysseyware (grade 3 and up)
  • Regular contact with a local, licensed teacher
  • Community based enrichment opportunities including art, recreation and music
  • Optional small group instruction
  • Textbooks and curriculum materials (Calvert curriculum)
  • Organized field trips

Students in the Chehalem Online Learning Alliance receive generous support from a local, licensed teacher, plus

  • Assistance for students who need help with motivation
  • Ability to address immediate student needs
  • Opportunity for students to learn at their own pace
  • Direct social opportunities for students
  • Accommodations for special needs

How to Enroll
The Chehalem Online Learning Alliance is open to district students currently homeschooled or enrolled in online programs.

Submit enrollment or transfer materials to: 
Sheri Twenge
17600 NE North Valley Rd, Newberg, OR  97132
Phone: 503-554-4750

Forms, including forms with signatures, may be scanned and sent to or faxed to 503-538-7269.

If you live in the Newberg School District and are new to Newberg public schools


If you live in the Newberg School District and currently attend a Newberg public school

  • Obtain a Change of School within District Boundaries form on our website or at your school office; complete and submit to your school principal

  • Please note that if you live in the Newberg School District these forms must be completed and returned to the school principal by March 15

If you live in the Newberg School District and have been out of school for 60 days

If you live outside the Newberg School District

Open Enrollment (Feb. 15 – March 30)  

(COLA not eligible for Open Enrollment 2014-15 school year)
Permanent enrollment or transfer into Newberg School District for the 2013-14 school year; does not require permission from student’s resident district. Only applies to residents of Yamhill, Washington or Marion County

  • Complete the Inter-district Transfer Request Form/COLA Program and send to the Newberg School District by March 30 (electronic form and signature acceptable)

  • Notification of transfer approval will be made by May 1

  • Complete the following district enrollment forms and return to the school district by August

Traditional Inter-district Transfer (dates outside the open enrollment window)
Requires consent from both the school district where your student resides and the Newberg School District; requires annual renewal.

  • Contact your resident school district to request a transfer to the Newberg School District; annual renewal is required

  • Notification of transfer approval or denial will be made by your resident district.

  • If your transfer is approved, please complete and submit the following forms by August:

    • Newberg School District enrollment form/COLA Program

    • Provide record of immunizations

    • Google Apps permission form

For more information or to enroll
Sheri Twenge
Phone:  503-554-4750

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