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Fiscal Impact on schools

Budget and bond presentation - Superintendent Paula Radich

Superintendent Paula Radich reviews the school district budget status for the 2011-12 school year and how the May 17 bond election would impact the schools. Click on the images below for slides of her presentation.

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State of Schools:  FundingHow Oregon schools are fundedState revenueIncome taxProperty taxLottery fundsK-12 share of the state general fundChange in spendingNewberg budget reductions: compensationNewberg budget reductions:  staffingNewberg budget reductions: class size increaseNewberg  class size historyWhat does next year hold?What does next year hold?What does next year hold?Or find another solutionBond measure May 17, 2011A bond measure would improve and equip classroomsA bond measure would maintain and repair schoolsA bond measure would increase energy efficiencyWhy now?How much would the bond cost?Are there other bonds on the tax rolls?When is the election?Learn more about the bond