School District Bus Transportation

Newberg Oregon School District School Bus

Bus service is available to all eligible students within the Newberg School District boundaries.

Elementary students beyond a one-mile radius from school and secondary students beyond a 1.5-mile radius from school are eligible for bus transportation.


  • All buses are equipped with video cameras
  • Seating may be assigned to improve behavior on the bus
  • Rules for bus riders are sent home to parents at the beginning of the school year for parents to review with their students
  • Incentive program for good behavior

Schedules and Routes
Route information is available in August. Please call First Student at 503-538-8365 or your student's school for route information.

Snow Routes

  • Limited transportation service is provided when snow and ice make road conditions dangerous.
  • Snow routes are modified on Parrett Mountain, Bald Peak and the Red Hills and may be in effect during inclement weather.

Special Needs Students
Drivers will contact parents of special needs students prior to the start of the school year to discuss student needs.


First Student Transportation
Teresa Townsend, Manager