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Weather and Emergency Closure Notification

Newberg Oregon School District

Hazardous weather or unexpected emergencies may require changes in school and bus schedules. For the latest information on Newberg Public School schedules:

Area radio and TV Stations

Mobile App
Receive emergency and school information notifications delivered to your mobile device with the free Newberg School District mobile app. Customized settings allow users to select schools, news, notifications and calendars they wish to follow in any one of 60 languages. Available for free download now for iPhone or Android devices.

Subscribe on the district website or call 503-554-5014 to receive e-mail notification of changes in school schedules at home or work

Text Message and Twitter
Sign-up to receive Newberg School District closure, delay or emergency alerts via text
Follow us on Twitter@NewbergSchools

Website Alert:

One Call Now
An automated telephone notification system will contact home, cell and work telephone numbers in the event of an emergency or school closure (please make sure your student’s school has your correct contact information)

Telephone Hotlines
School Closure Information Line: 503-554-5001
First Student Snow Line (bus routes) 503-538-5897

In case of an emergency

  • Students and staff in each school will follow a plan developed with local law enforcement and emergency agencies.
  • Parents should listen to radio or tv stations, check the district website or their email
  • The district will use the One Call Now automated calling system in the event of an emergency
  • If students and staff must be evacuated from school, parents will be instructed where to pick children up


School Closure Procedures
Severe weather, power outages or other conditions may require schools to start late, cancel classes or close early. The decision to cancel classes or delay the start of school will be made by 5:30 a.m.

Schools will close unless the majority of the students in the district can travel safely. Weather on the mountains may be hazardous, while roads in town are safe for travel.

If schools are forced to close during the school day, every effort is made to contact parents. Notification will be sent out on the district ListServ, through local media and posted on the website and hotlines. Parents are encouraged to develop a plan for their child in the event of an early closure.