Mabel Parents Update

Snow???? Really?? That's what the weather man is saying. Make sure that you have your phone numbers updated in case we need to use our One Call phone-calling system to notify parents of an early release, late start, or no school day. As we have moved to electronic/phone communication it's more important than ever that we have accurate phone numbers in the office. But, snow ..... really??

Tonight's K-2 Fitness Night was well-attended, sweaty, and fun! I did the Wei Dance Revolution for the first time .......... I can bust a move!! Actually, the truth is once I mastered a move they had already moved on to another. It wasn't pretty. We have the 3rd-5th Fitness Night next Friday and it will consist of the fitness stations that students regularly practice. I'm hoping to improve my chin-up score of "2". Thank you to Summer Neiss and Mr. Wright for their excellent organization of our successful event(s).

Mabel Rush is in need of parent volunteers to lead students in Chess and Scrabble. We have had success in the past hosting both on Wednesday mornings during the Late Start block. If you are a parent who could supervise students in either of these activities please let me know, the students would love it! We would love to be reigning champions again!

Lastly, next week we DIBEL (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills) every student. It's a one-minute "probe" of a student's reading skill -- the specific skill changes by grade level. We can graph student progress over time to ensure all students are learning.

During the same week all students will take their mid-year math fluency assessment. Again, it's a very short probe of how fast students are with their math facts. A three day weekend to practice them could produce some incredible results!

Have a great three-day weekend!
Shannon Stueckle