Mabel Parents Update

The fun of the Carnival still prevails. A huge thank you to those who worked really hard to make this happen: Sue Wong, Christina Mark, Jeanne Schuback, Tiffany Olea, Heather Harrison, Kim Lanier, Angela Bourne, Summer Neiss, our Boy Scouts, the NHS Dance Team, and Mabel Rush staff and many parent/friends who volunteered. The good news is that Christina and Sue agreed to chair it again next year!

Outdoor School was last Wed-Fri. and was another incredible success. The weather was perfect, the curriculum outstanding, and the life-changing experiences this event provides are unsurpassed. It takes a great deal of planning and training, dedicated parent volunteers,and committed teachers to make this happen each year.

For those of you who prefer to order school supplies on-line the Tool Box order opens this Friday and closes the last day of school. This isn't a fundraiser, the cost is rounded up to the nearest dollar for convenience, and supplies are delivered directly to your student's desk.

Speaking of this Friday, remember that we invite parent participation in the placement process. It must be in writing (e-mail fine) and in the office by this Friday, May 25th. This deadline is firm as we begin the balancing process next week. The process takes each teaching team hours upon hours to ensure that we have balanced classrooms with the best academic grouping for each student possible.

It is not uncommon that rumors circulate each spring as planning for the next year begins and I understand this may be true regarding 2012-13 class sizes. PLEASE call the office and ask questions or seek details if you are wondering or have concerns.

Schools around the nation are working hard to maintain quality education while cutting staff and resources. We are doing a great job at Mabel Rush with the help of our parents as we have operated at 70% of our budget this year. Next year we will be operating on half of that and have re-organized as we downsize by one staff.. We are incredibly lucky to have encountered so little impact while districts around us cut school days, are on strike, and have downsized many staff.

Construction is underway!! The back of the building has a new track/field under construction and new drainage pipe laid. Within a week or two we will begin demolishing the current stage/kitchen area in preparation for a new kitchen. We'll function as usual with a few less menu options and more paper products utilized, but students should only notice noise, not a change of routine. This summer the classrooms will see data/tech upgrades and the hallways will receive a bulletin board/sound absorbing installation. The south playground will move to an enlarged north playground and we will finally have a safe dedicated bus lane. Whew.......

Shannon Stueckle