Mabel Rush Elementary Student Achievement

Newberg Oregon School District

2014 School Rating:  Level 4  

How Schools Are Rated
A new rating system gives schools an overall rating based on a number of factors.

High schools measures include academic achievement, academic growth, subgroup growth, graduation rates, and subgroup graduation. High school ratings are based 50 percent on graduation rates, 30 percent on student gains and just 20 percent on how many students pass state tests.

Elementary and middle schools measure academic achievement, academic growth and subgroup growth. Elementary and middle school ratings are based 75 percent on student gains on state tests and 25 percent on passing rates.

Schools receive an overall rating of Level 1 through 5 based on how well they are doing in each of these areas.  Level 1 schools represent the bottom 5% of schools. Level 2 schools represent the next lowest 10%.  Level 3 makes up approximately the next 30% of schools.  Level 4 represents the largest share of schools, those that fall between 44% and 90% of schools.  Level 5 represents the top 10%.