Student Records and Transcripts

Newberg Oregon School District

A student's transcript is the official record of courses taken, grades earned, standardized test results and immunization records. Student records are maintained for the benefit of the student. They are used for promotion, instruction, career development, guidelines, and education progress of the student. Student records are available to a student 's parent/legal guardian when requested, to licensed staff members who have demonstrated education interest in the student and are available to local, state, and federal agencies allowed by law. Other use of student records such as release of information will only be released with written and prior consent from a parent/legal guardian.

Oregon law requires that student records be kept for five years after the student has graduated or left Newberg High School.

Requesting a transcript
A high school student may request an unofficial transcript at any time.  Any official transcript requires a signed release from a parent/guardian if the student is 17 or younger. Students 18 or older must sign their own release; legally, a parent may NOT do so. To request an official, sealed transcript for a college or university, or an unofficial student copy of your transcript, please download the Official Transcript Release form below.

Please send your transcript request to the Newberg High School Office. Requests will be filled within two days during the school year and once a week during summer months. 

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