Employee Spotlight: Christina Dendy

Her nominator wrote: I would like to nominate Christina Dendy. Christina is a SPED Educational Assistant at Mabel Rush Elementary. Christina is a staple in our school. She has profound bonds with the students she works with as well as the students in the classrooms she spends time in. There is not a student in Mabel Rush who does not know who Mrs. Dendy is. That is because she is warm, caring, and approachable. Christina has a fun sense of humor and a positive attitude that can brighten the days of students and staff alike. Christina is innovative and thinks on her feet. She always has a great idea or a solution no one has even thought of. She is involved in our parent-teacher group and works diligently to support students and staff at Mabel Rush. Christina has so much experience, has worn many hats at Mabel Rush, and is a resource for her peers. Christina is our morning and afternoon crossing guard, a job she takes very seriously. Anyone who has met Christina knows that the safety, and wellbeing of students is her first priority. Having someone as valuable as Christina helps our school culture thrive. Thanks to amazing employees like Christina, it is thriving!

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