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Strategic Plan

Newberg-Dundee Public Schools completed the strategic planning process during the 2022-23 school year as part of the required work for the Integrated Plan required by ODE.  Our new Strategic Plan runs from 2023-2028, with two year budget updates.  This plan aligns with our Integrated Plan to steward resources, enrich student experiences, and cultivate community partnerships.
The cornerstone of the plan is high expectations for all students with scaffolded support in order to ensure student success in attendance, achievement, and graduation.
The Integrated Plan replaces all of the separate grant applications and processes for the following programs:
▪ High School Success (HSS)
▪ Student Investment Account (SIA) within the Student Success Act
▪ Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP)
▪ Career and Technical Education - Perkins V (CTE)
▪ Every Day Matters (EDM)
▪ Early Indicator Intervention Systems (EIIS)
Per ODE, bringing the six programs together operationally creates significant opportunities to improve outcomes and learning conditions for students and educators. Working within existing state statutes and administrative rules, ODE developed a framework for success that meets the core purposes of each program while trying to create a stronger framework from which we can mark progress, look for long-term impacts, and develop the learning approach to monitoring and evaluation that is a hallmark of high-performing educational systems.

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