Spotlight: Zoraida Anaya

Spotlight is a weekly honor for staff for which a colleague's nomination is required. These amazing Spotlight recipients may receive more honors as the year progresses.


Nominated by Special Services Director Tony Buckner, Zoraida Anaya is the Special Programs Family Support Assistant. Before we delve into her work-specific capabilities, we must note that Anaya bakes a divine impossible cake! When it comes to her job, she is a genuine, caring person who completes her projects on deadline and with accuracy. While many people are always willing to help, Anaya can efficiently respond to multiple, simultaneous requests for assistance with a few polite words of instruction. She greets her colleagues every day but goes beyond the typical hurried hello. She takes the time to ask about her co-workers' lives and listens attentively, creating a positive space where people know they can get the help that they need. If all of that seems improbable, we will remind you that Anaya is not only the baker of the impossible cake at home, she is a doer who makes the impossible a reality at work.


Amy Stephens, Behavioral Health and Special Education Coordinator, also nominated Anaya, saying “her work within special programs is an incredible asset to us all, given her expertise and the great care she provides for students and families. She is quick to problem solve to ensure the best of all possibilities is given. Families always receive a strong listening ear to understand their needs, which she is quick to communicate and find solutions for. She gives her all! Zoraida’s joy is contagious and brings light everywhere she goes. Our families and students are well served through her determination for growth and improvement with great care and positivity!”


Would you like to nominate a Newberg-Dundee Public Schools employee for the Spotlight? Please email Communications and Community Relations Coordinator Jillian Daley at [email protected] with the person’s name, title, school/department, and the reason why you are nominating them. The nomination may not appear online and in the Employee Newsletter immediately, as there are dozens of nominations planned for the year already! However, all nominations are seriously considered.