Who’s Who? Profile: Jen Bailey

What is Who's Who? This weekly feature highlights the leaders in our School District. We will share who we are and what we do, so our community can get to know us better. 


Title: MVMS Principal


Three of your main daily tasks:

Creating a strong and safe school community of learners and compassionate humans, increasing student achievement, supporting teachers, staff, and families


One long-term project: Increasing parent volunteers at school and participation in our Parent Group


Your main goal: Guide middle schoolers to achieve success, grow as individuals, build skills to be prepared for college and career readiness



  • 13 Years Classroom Teacher (K-8)
  • 15 Years Administrator (Elementary, Middle and High School)



  • Bachelor of Science - Psychology - Portland State University
  • Master of Teaching (MAT) - Willamette University
  • Initial Administrator's License - Portland State University
  • Continuing Administrator's License - Lewis & Clark University