Spotlight: Bob Bass

Spotlight is a weekly honor for employees for which a colleague's nomination is required. These amazing Spotlight recipients may receive more honors as the year progresses.

Sarah Pemberton, an Educational Assistant (EA) at Antonia Crater Elementary School, nominated a fellow Crater employee, Bob Bass, also an EA: 

“He’s my coworker and a Jack of all trades. He is an amazing crossing guard, keeping our kids safe daily. He shows up! He teaches and coaches the kids individually and in small groups. And best of all, he truly makes every kid feel seen, heard, and loved. I see how he connects with kids who may not have the best home lives or may struggle at school. Bob sees every kid and connects with them. He knows their names. He cares. His smile and ability to love everyone (kids and care workers alike) is something to aspire to.

I might repeat myself but he's wonderful. He has worked at Crater for 14 years! He's the most friendly and encouraging person you've ever met. He goes out of his way to get to know people and know their names. He even wears our Cougar mascot costume for the Fun Run, and he's really good at it; you can't manufacture that kind of charisma.

He works with kids in the hallways who need an extra hand, teaching them one-on-one or in small groups. He's a fantastic crossing guard, keeping the kids safe daily for years. He works at recess and fills in wherever he is needed. He's honestly someone I look up to in my job. If there's anyone I want to model after, it's him. His dedication is something else. I know that hundreds of kids are going to go into the world knowing that they are cared for and that Mr. Bass believes in them.

… I remember being brought to tears when I came across him encouraging a child who was having a disruptive day, after many such days. Deep down, that child was having a hard time at home, and Bob saw the child, not the behavior. He's great like that. … He's so deserving.”


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