Spotlight: Donna Golden

Spotlight is a weekly honor for employees for which a colleague's nomination is required. These amazing Spotlight recipients may receive more honors as the year progresses.

Chehalem Valley Middle School Art Specialist Suzanne Limbert nominated her co-worker, Donna Golden, Special Education Assistant and Volunteer Japanese Exchange Program Coordinator, as a Spotlight recipient: “She has a lot on her plate, yet she is reviving our exchange program with our sister school in Japan and doing so with great professionalism! Donna's passion for keeping the Japan Exchange Program alive is very much the driving force behind its resurrection this year! She is advocating for the best possible experience for Japan Exchange students and works countless hours behind the scenes communicating and planning with program coordinators in Japan, travel agents, community businesses, and coordinating with parent and student volunteers for fundraising opportunities. An extraordinary amount of planning and energy goes into coordinating such a program and I hope that Donna gets the recognition she deserves.


Would you like to nominate a Newberg-Dundee Public Schools employee for the Spotlight? Please email Communications and Community Relations Coordinator Jillian Daley at [email protected] with the person’s name, title, school/department, and the reason why you are nominating them. The nomination may not appear online and in the Employee Newsletter immediately, as there are dozens of nominations planned for the year already! However, all nominations are seriously considered.