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Reference & Website Resources

A world globe, a desk, and booksMany reference and website resources are available for students.


Here are a few to get started:


Newberg Public Library
The library offers access to the Chemeketa Library Regional Cooperative's whole collection of books, homework help, and free Cultural Passes that allow entry to sites such as local museums.


Great Websites for Kids
This site from the Association for Library Services for Children offers website links on subjects including animals, art, literature, history, mathematics, computers, science, social studies, and reference materials.


Internet Public Library
The School of Information at the University of Michigan hosts this online library.
U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal. This site provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject.


Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with more than 130 million items on approximately 530 miles of bookshelves.


Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus
Search the Merriam-Webster online dictionary or thesaurus. The dictionary is based on the print version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition. The online dictionary includes the main A-Z listing of the Collegiate Dictionary, as well as the Abbreviations, Foreign Words and Phrases, Biographical Names, and Geographical Names sections of that book. It also includes 1,000 illustrations and 25 tables.


Oregon Blue Book
The Oregon Blue Book is the official state directory and fact book about all levels of government in Oregon and much more. It is produced and regularly updated by the state Achives Division.


Oregon School Library Information System
OSLIS is a gateway to the Internet designed for Oregon students and teachers while maintaining the school library at the heart of student research. OSLIS was established and has operated since 1998 with a variety of education partners.


Pacific Northwest Seismographic Network 
The PNSN operates seismograph stations and locates earthquakes in Washington and Oregon. This website provides information on Pacific Northwest earthquake activity and hazards. It is based at the University of Washington in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences and is funded by the US Geological Survey (USGS), the Department of Energy, and the State of Washington. 


World Facts Index
Information on cities and countries around the world includes geography, population, history, economy, government, and more.