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COA Testimonials

Here's what students and parents had to say about COA:
"COA has been a positive program for our kids! It allows them to work at their own pace & focus on areas where they need more time or help. The in-person classes are fun and give the kids time with their peers. The Family Fun Events & the many field trips just add to their excitement for learning. We are so thankful this program is available!"

"We found COA this year after an extremely emotionally rough kindergarten and half of first grade. My girl has special needs that just couldn't be met through a traditional day at a brick-and-mortar school. She has unique educational needs as well that do not allow her to attend anything except a public school. COA was the perfect solution for her educational needs. We also found a wonderfully supportive community in the teachers and families of COA. We wish we would have known about this option a year ago."

"COA has been a godsend to our family. Our daughter Ciara has had some medical issues that found us at the doctor's several times a week. We have been able to continue schooling her in our downtime. The teachers at COA are AMAZING! They truly care about their kids and it shows."

"My son Jomar, started attending COA since first grade back on 2021-2022 school year. Jomar was non-verbal autistic , since then he has a huge growth he is now verbal , and is academically growing more and more each day . Mrs. Smith and Mr. Fuchs had helped Jomar so much that he is doing very good now he reads, writes, loves math and is a good pianist too. We wouldn't be able to do this in our own we are thankful that we made the decision to enroll Jomar at COA were he is thriving and we are also thankful and bless to have amazing class mates that also had help Jomar academically and always include him while they play or in their conversations. We LOVE our COA family."

"We are so happy with COA and how well it works for our son's learning style!"

"COA has been amazing for our family the past four years. As parents not wanting to delegate out our children’s education, but feeling overwhelmed in the beginning by the task of homeschooling, COA has been the answer.
With the flexibility to still choose much of what and how my children are taught, paired with resources from the program (including curriculum, enrichment reimbursements, field trips and in class learning opportunities, and amazing advisors), COA has provided a balanced structure of freedom and accountability to give my children the best education. It has enriched not only my children’s education, but their life."

"Homeschooling is best done in community, and COA is a community of some of the most passionate and caring parents and kids you could ask for."

"I love doing school with COA!"
Lillian, Kinder
"I love COA! I love the field trips, COA classes, lunch bunch, our advisors, all my COA friends, and that I get to see my family all day."
Eleanor, 3rd grade

"In-person school turned out to be too stressful for my child who has ASD. COA has allowed us to work at her pace, modify assignments when needed, and discover and utilize creative ways of learning."

"Simply the best!"

"Loved COA for my other daughter so am enrolling my youngest for next year!"
"Our family has been doing school for 7 years now. We enjoy watching our children grow and learn every step of the way."

"COA has provided the perfect amount of support and flexibility to help my son thrive and build a positive association with school. We are so thankful."