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Translation Services

How to Ask for Help / Cómo Pedir Ayuda

  1. An internal process exists for translation processes within the District. / Existe un proceso interno para los procedimientos de traducción dentro del Distrito.
  2. If you require an interpreter at a School Board meeting, please email Tabitha Renne at [email protected]. Requests must be submitted five business days before the meeting per Policy BD/BDA. / Si necesita un intérprete en una reunión de la Junta Escolar, envíe un correo electrónico a Tabitha Renne a [email protected]. Las solicitudes deben presentarse cinco días hábiles antes de la reunión, según la Política BD/BDA.

Guidelines for Translating Written Documents

  • Please send your document in a Word format, not as a PDF. Google Docs will also be accepted, but Word is preferred.
  • Allow adequate time for translation. The amount of time will vary according to:
    • Current workload,
    • Technical content and graphic layout, and
    • The number of translations required for priority translation groups, the District Office, and the Principals.

Document To Be Translated


Approximate Turnaround Time


one page

one working day

School newsletter

two to six pages

four to five working days

Classroom newsletter

two pages

three to four days


one-quarter page

one working day


two pages

three or four working days

Parent letter

one to three pages

two to three working days


four to thirty pages

six weeks


It varies.

It depends.

Emergency communications

Completed as needed.

It takes up to three hours.