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For the Media

Thank you for your interest in Newberg-Dundee Public Schools.

Our communications team is responsible for sharing news and information about what's happening in our schools. We value professional relationships based on fairness and accuracy and are committed to working with you. We will share information, connect you with employees and students, and provide details about events in a timely matter whenever possible.


Media should contact the Newberg-Dundee Public Schools team directly before contacting any school, employee, or student regarding a school or district issue. We will help accommodate your request and make the necessary arrangements. However, we will not allow media activity that negatively interferes with teaching and learning, compromises safety ot misrepresents the district, schools, or students. Discretion will be used in responding to requests based on FERPA guidelines, the scope of the request, potential disruption to the school operation, deadline, and other factors.


Reporters and photographers should check with the school to confirm photo releases before filming, posting, printing, or airing images. Public events such as athletic events, theater or musical performances do not require permission from the communications office.

Outside organizations wishing to photograph or film students at school for commercial use must first contact the communications office. Parents will be required to sign a separate release for the use of their student's image.

Media on School Grounds

Members of the media should contact the communications office for permission before going to a school. If you have not prearranged a school visit, you may be asked to leave school grounds. Once you have permission, please check in at the school office. Students and staff will be advised that they have the right to refuse to be in photos or videos or to be, interviewed.

Contact Us

  • Jillian Daley, Communications and Community Relations Coordinator: 971-281-1227
  • Martha Frack, District Spanish Translator: 503-554-4723
  • Erica Wilhelm, Communication Assistant: 503-554-5018