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Meal Prices and Payment Options

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Second Student Meals/Adult Prices BREAKFAST LUNCH
Elementary $2.00 $3.00
Middle $2.25 $3.25
High $2.50 $3.50
Adult $3.00 $4.00
Milk/Juice/Fruit $ .50 $ .50

Breakfast and lunch are served on late start and early release days.

Payment Options

Online Payment Program
We will be using a new app in the 2023-24 school year called Linq. On Linq, you can:

  • View payment and purchase history
  • Establish recurring payments
  • Set up email low-balance warnings
  • Create auto-payments when the balance reaches a specified amount


How does my child pay for meals or a la carte items?
District cafeterias have a computerized meal accounting system. This system allows parents to deposit funds, in any denomination on your child's account to be used for meals or a la carte items sold through the school cafeterias. Food or beverage items purchased in vending machines or student stores are cash only at this time.

What happens when a student forgets their lunch money or to bring their lunch from home?
Students are able to charge one breakfast and one lunch per school day.  A letter or email will be sent home reminding the parents of their student's negative balance.  Students will not be able to charge a second meal or a la carte items (including milk for meal brought from home).

What does it cost for me to have a meal with my child?
Visiting adults pay the adult meal price (does not include beverage); a la carte prices are as listed. Visiting children will be charged age appropriately. Parents may pay cash for these meals or use their student’s cafe account containing deposited money.

What happens if my check is returned from the bank?
When the Nutrition Services office receives NSF check or closed account check from the bank, you will be notified that the Food Service Office is unable to take additional checks until cash has been received to cover the NSF or closed account check.

Can the cafeteria accept a post-dated check?
The Food Service cannot accept post-dated checks.

Can the cafeteria cash a check?
The Food Service Department cannot cash checks. Checks are accepted only for the total amount deposited into the student's account.