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The seven school board members and the Superintendent

See Public Notices for details

The Newberg School Board is responsible for providing a quality educational program for about 5,000 District students. The board's main job is to establish District policy. Board members serve four-year terms without pay.

The Board hires the superintendent, who is responsible to carry out Board policies, provide educational leadership and manage the District's budget and staff.

School Board Meetings

The Newberg School Board usually meets at 6:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. The specific dates can be found on our About School Board Meetings page. Business meetings and work sessions are held at the Newberg School District Office, 714 East 6th Street, Newberg, Oregon.  All meetings are open to the public, except for executive sessions as authorized by law. Time is set aside at the business meeting for public comment.

School board zone map and written descriptions are available online on our School Board Zones page. For questions contact Tabitha Renne at 503-554-5041.

Meet our School Board

Trevor DeHart
Director Zone 1
Elected in May 2021 - Term expires 6/30/25

[email protected]

Deb Bridges
Board Vice Chair - Director Zone 2
Elected in May 2023- Term expires 6/30/27

[email protected]

Jeremy Hayden
Director Zone 3
Elected in May 2023- Term expires 6/30/27

[email protected]

Nancy Woodward
Board Chair - Director Zone 4
Elected in May 2023- Term expires 6/30/25

[email protected]

Director Zone 5
Term expires 6/30/25

James Wolfer
Director Zone 6
Elected in May 2023- Term expires 6/30/27

[email protected]

Sol Allen
Director Zone 7
Elected in May 2023- Term expires 6/30/27

[email protected]


Board Secretary:
Tabitha Renne
[email protected]

Contacting a School Board Member:
To get in touch with any Director, you may contact them directly or contact School Board Secretary at 503-554-5000  The entire Board can be reached at [email protected].

Mailing Address for the Board
Board of Directors
Newberg School District 29J
714 East 6th St
Newberg, Oregon 97132

DISCLAIMER for All Communications with District Staff and Board Members:

The Board believes that community participation in school affairs is essential if the school district and the community are to maintain mutual confidence and respect and work together to improve the quality of education for students.

Citizens are encouraged to express their ideas, concerns and judgments through communication with District staff and Board members.

Please keep in mind that the school district is subject to Public Records laws.  Under the Public Records laws any record (e.g. written and/or digital) that contains information relating to the conduct of the school district’s business could be subject to a public records request without prior notice to sender.

School Board Policies

Public Testimony Guidelines

Public comments are scheduled for regular session board meetings only. Comments submitted via email, that are intended to be read aloud by the superintendent (or designee), need to be sent to [email protected] no later than 4:00 pm the Monday prior to regular session. (If you do NOT receive a confirmation receipt for your public comment request, please reach out to Tabitha directly at 503.554.5041). Please note: No anonymous statements will be accepted. Name and town of residence are required. Those wishing to speak at the regular session will need to complete the Newberg School Board Public Comment form below and submit it to the board secretary prior to the start of the meeting. Forms will also be available at the regular session board meetings. 30 minutes have been allotted for public comments, with a three-minute limit per person. Comments will be read in the order they are received and will follow those that are present and wish to speak publicly.


Supporting Documents


Newberg School District

Superintendent: Dr. Stephen Phillips 
email: [email protected]

Address: 714 E. Sixth St, Newberg OR 97132-3406
Phone: (503) 554-5000, Fax: (503) 538-4374

Office hours:  8:00 am - 4:00 pm  Monday-Friday   Building doors are locked at this time, please ring doorbell for entrance.