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Guidelines for Information Distribution

Newberg-Dundee Public Schools supports community-wide efforts to provide students and their families with information about resources and opportunities for young people. Please follow these distribution guidelines.

Who needs approval?

All community organizations should check in with the Communications Department for approval. Parent groups with flyers, brochures, and posters require approval from the school principal/designee for that school only.
Items requiring superintendent/designee approval for school or district-wide distribution:
  • A request from organizations other than the school district or building administrator; and
  • Parent group flyers, brochures, or posters intended for distribution in other schools.

Content and Criteria

  • Information that benefits schools or relates to them, such as community events, parenting classes, and sports and recreation. In general, we publish free events, unless they are partners to the district, including the Chehalem Park and Recreation District and A Family Place.
  • Include:
    • The contact's name, phone number, and email address, and
    • A Spanish translation for hard copy flyers distributed to schools.
Send flyers to [email protected] and upload them to the E-Friday Folder. (Merge PDFs to upload one document on the E-Friday Folder form.)


  • All submissions must be in English and Spanish.
  • All district-approved flyers or brochures will appear in the E-Friday Folder.
  • On request
    • Hardcopies of flyers for general distribution in elementary and middle schools in limited quantities determined by the school 
    • Approved flyers, brochures, or posters from a non-profit may be posted on school bulletin boards or places where posters/flyers are typically posted.

Contacts for Flyer Distribution

  • Erica Wilhelm, Communications Assistant: 503-554-5000
  • Jillian Daley, Communications and Community Relations Coordinator: 971-281-1227

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